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The Upside of Pending Hot Flashes

Updated: Jul 18

Hello my friends and thank you for reading another entry. You may be wondering what I've been up to lately and why haven't I published another blog? Did I forget to set aside time to type it up? Am I experiencing perimenopausal brain fog? Am I living my best life Boogie Boarding at Hermosa Beach on a Sunday morning? Truth be told, I am recovering from my beach adventure this morning, but all 3 are correct. It's true!

Right this moment, my computer is overheating and having a hot flash of its own. I've gotta pump out this blog soon before it explodes.

In one week I turn 42 years old. 42!! Where has the time gone? I am Cancerian July baby. When I turned 40 I experienced a flood of emotions, including denial, shock, a mid-life crisis but also a bit of pride and confidence. Pride in the fact that I've made it so far and also because great things were happening for me. 2020 was going to be 'My Year'. Then.....the Pandemic. Did you think this was your year too?

Was it a coincidence, or did the PTSD from COVID-19 age all of us by 5 years? Have you looked around at your friends and family? Go look in the mirror right now and think about what you looked like early 2020. I don't know about you (most of my friends reading this are most likely in their 40's), but I have noticed lots of added silver sparkles to the top of my head, my eyes are playing more tricks on me mainly at night, my tummy bothers me more often, and hairs are popping up in places I've never noticed before. Gross! The Botox I've gotten injected in my face quarterly for the past 9 years is playing tricks on me too. I think the frequency and the number of units are gonna have to change next quarter.

Does your vagina get drier and drier? Is this going to be my reality soon? Lube is going on my grocery list, soon! My butt shape is trying to change, but I'm working so damn hard to resist it! If you pay attention to my IG you'll see all the stuff I'm doing on the weekly to avoid the droop. Instead of 'I must, I must, I must increase my bust', it's 'I must, I must, I must tighten my ass'!

I must, I must, I must tighten my ass!

Apparently I'm about to enter perimenopause. That means means "around menopause", and marks the end of the reproductive years, though I've electively made sure of this just recently. I am not sure if I'm entering this phase, but it's right around the corner. I rarely hear anyone talk about menopause, and it seems to be one of the most dreadful things I've known about being a woman. I'm planning to go into these phases with a different mindset now that I'm knocking on the door. God help me!

I am choosing to focus on the POSITIVES. Why waste time in any other headspace?

I am consistently gaining confidence and my self-esteem seems to be getting a major boost. The first thing that came to mind was my Profession. This month I celebrated my 20th year practicing Nursing. Since 2000 I knew I wanted to be a Diabetes Educator. I believed somehow that would involve working with kids. I manifested it several years ago and it became a reality.

For the past 7 years I finally made it into Pediatrics. I love these amazing KIDS! They are teaching me so much. They are resilient. They are strong. They are THE FUTURE. For the past 3 years I've been working at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and I've never been so proud of where I work. I found out last week they won the designation from the US News and World Report for being the #1 Children's Hospital in the Western U.S. & one of the Top 5 Children's Hospitals Nationally. Yep, I am bragging on my hospital.

Another positive is that my silver Sparkles are making me more attractive. I have another dimension to my hair color. Now it's red, brown and silver. I get a free color, that the hair salon doesn't have to waste foils on. Think about it, it's true!

Silver Sparkles are making me more attractive

My days of dealing with period cramps are numbered. I won't miss those at all. Imagine all the money that'll be saved on Tylenol and Tampons. I'm sure menopause will be like a few years of continuous PMS. Good news will be that my periods, cramps and my bitchy mood will all disappear. How bout that? Maybe I'll keep a guy around long enough to ride it out with me. If he reads this blog I may not have a chance. Okay Erika, stay positive!!

Bedtime is something I really, really look forward to -- almost as much as I used to look forward to going out dancing until 1-2am two to three nights a week. I look at the clock, like I am right now, and the countdown begins. Just a couple hours until I lay on my Comfy Casper mattress and crawl in between my Egyptian cotton sheets. Sure am glad I didn't change my major to Dance right now. I would be crawling into to something or somewhere else.

With my hip impingement and torn labrum I lived with since 2006, my career would've lasted only 5 years. Probably less if we're being honest. I'm sure I would've torn it in the 1st year. Good thing the surgeon re-shaped my femur and repaired my labrum a year ago. Now I can comfortably dance again, recreationally. Though I think I could still be a backup dancer for Beyonce. Don't you?

People take me more seriously - with age comes experience, and with experience comes respect. Respect your Elders, remember? Oh hell, I can't believe I'm typing those words!

Forgiving others is easier because in all likelihood you've made the mistakes they have at this point. Forgiveness is much easier when you realize we all make bad choices sometimes. When people say something unkind, I don't let it get to me as much. I have thicker skin.

When you're younger, you worry a lot about what other people think of you. You even let it rule your decisions, you may not do things you really want to do because of what people might say.

By the time you hit your forties, you've usually been through a few challenges. Life has been quite difficult at times, but I made it. I am Alive. It makes me feel pretty grateful for the positive things I have. I appreciate my life and have a much more positive outlook.


I've learned a lot. I know what I do and don't want, what my priorities are, and that I can cope with so much more than I ever thought I could. I have acquired a sense of security in myself and yet there is still so much more to discover.

There are some things we can change, but if we are fortunate to live long enough there is no fighting or preventing menopause. If anyone has any tips or tricks please leave them in the comment section!

Stay beautiful, unique and inspired

--Erika Lee Kline lives in beautiful Pasadena, California. She is fitness minded & enjoys hiking, biking, paddleboarding and wall climbing. She is a fully embodied Empath, a human rights advocate, ballroom/Latin dancer, a student of human behavior and an MI Practitioner. She is a Pediatric Diabetes Nurse working in Los Angeles at a Children's Hospital. You can find her on Clubhouse, TikTok & Instagram.

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