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My Clubhouse Comedic Journey

Erica Lee Kline

Everything seemed so funny when I was growing up with my family. I grew up in a dysfunctional home, like so many of you. You know who you are, most of you! Despite the strife we endured we were always laughing. Yelling, screaming, crying and laughing. Yours too? Don't make me feel like I'm alone here. Soon after I joined Clubhouse I kept finding myself bouncing into the Comedy Rooms. The moderators would bring me on stage and I'd think 'I'm not a comedian & really not that funny so I'll just show my support by unmuting, laughing and tipping the comedians. Call it an escape from reality or a reminder of my childhood, but it sure does help distract me from the chaos that's become normalized. The first two Clubhouse Clubs I joined were The Comedy Lounge & Hot on the Mic. I saturated my ears in constant comedic humor. Don't you love laughing? Who doesn't love to laugh? Being a nurse during the past 20 months of a global pandemic has been quite the cluster, so the comic relief has been extremely welcomed.

Catherine & Scott were the first Comedians that kept inviting me to The Comedy Lounge stage every time I popped into their rooms. Catherine made my first Comedy Lounge Pic. That's the picture you see up there at the top. Thank you Catherine! They've hosted so many rooms with lots of veteran and new upcoming comedians. I met Gill the Scottish Terrier, Ant Pascetty, Mike Valdes, Nitin Mirani/Uncle Manmaani, Jeff Foxworthy, Maz Jobrani, Danna Kiel, Tia Jai, Nicky Bernal & so many others through being their rooms!

The other club I wanna tell you about is Hot on the Mic. Comedian, friend & rabid animal Leah Lamarr is the creator of the Hot on the Mic club. This is Clubhouse's premiere venue for stand-up shows, roasts and all things comedy. The Afternoon Delight Comedy Show is every weekday at 12:05p. Some days it goes 2 hours and sometimes 5! Tehran's Toxic Tuesdays has actually lasted over 5 hours before. I know it's gone this long because I have gotten off work at on a Tuesday and the room is still going on when I leave! Our Supreme leader Leah is literally one of the most incredible COMICS in existence. Seriously! She's our Clubhouse Icon this month.

You've gotta go to one of Leah's shows one day soon. She's one of those voices & faces you will never forget. She was the first comedian I saw when comedy clubs started to open back up here in Los Angeles & I literally almost peed my panties in the middle of her set!

That first comedy show I attended to see Leah was at an outdoor comedy show hosted by Jam in the Van, a comedy club venue near Santa Monica. It was my first time to see her live, and really surreal. When you hear someone's voice for several months and then see them in person it is really special. Kind of like Care Managing my patients at work for several months and then getting to finally see them in person. What an EPIC night! Kevin Nealon, Nick Kroll, Skyler Stone & Jay Chandrasekhar were on the stage that night along with Leah. My poor cheeks were killing me from laughing so hard. I hoped for an intermission so I could rest my face, but they didn't stop!

The next comedy show was surreal too. I had not been to the Laugh Factory since I moved to LA so I was really excited to check it out. Especially because Clubhouse's Facial Recognition Comedy was gonna be a live in-person show! I was so excited for all the comedians that would perform that night. I had listened to Fizaa, Zahra, Pallavi, Kiran & Tehran for several months, but was gonna get to see their faces too! Plus Maz Jobrani was the special guest. Heyyyy! There was a big group of us there from Clubhouse showing support, and that really was one of the best parts! Plus sitting on the front row getting spit on by Tehran wasn't too bad either, HA! The Covid test was negative!

Another comedian I was excited about coming to LA was my Clubhouse friend Ashwyn Singh. He's a comedian/musician that I really loved listening to everytime he was speaking or singing in the Clubhouse rooms. He told us he was coming in town from his home in Canada and was gonna be performing at the Burbank Comedy festival so I bought my tickets as soon as I could. I bought the wrong tickets to his show, but I was naughty and snuck into the other comedy room to see him perform. I couldn't miss it! It was my first night at Flappers, a Burbank Comedy Venue. Super nice place, and the food was really good!

Ashwyn Singh & Erika Lee at Flappers

Another incredible person I got to meet was Danna Kiel, an amazing comedian and a delightful human. She hosts the Women's Rise and Shine open mic on the Comedy Lounge. She allows the room to give feedback to each other as we present our comedy sets. She's excellent at hosting and her advice is phenomenal. I met her at my first visit to The Comedy Chateau Comedy Club in North Hollywood. She had arranged a show called Clubhouse v. Zoom and it was a Great Show! There were comedians I had never heard of before and now I'm definitely following them.

Danna Kiel and Erika Lee

Left to Right: Me, Sandee, Smokie, Ashwyn & Tia Jai

I was enjoying supporting all of the comedians and didn't think I would ever get a chance to do a set in real life. I haven't done many sets in Clubhouse, esp not on the Hot on the Mic show. Any comedy ideas/sets I've written I would have to do with a crowd, in person. I've always enjoyed teaching classes to patients/families for my profession. I've always tried to throw in some funny comments into the class, when appropriate, and really was tickled when they laughed at my silly jokes. I also truly enjoy seeing people in real life, seeing their smiles, seeing their laughs.

On Thursday, 9-16, The Comedy Chateau's booking Comedian Becca reached out to me and told me she would love to have me 'come play' at their club. She asked if I would be down for a 5 minute spot. I thought about it for about 20 minutes or so and was thinking, 'Me?' 'Does she have the right person?'. Instead of typing those words I responded 'That sounds awesome! Thank you for thinking of me!' She gave me a few dates and the date I picked was 10-10. Of course 10 is my favorite number and I am throwing something funny about it into my set. Hope you can make it, and hope someone actually gets the footage to show evidence of Erika Lee Kline on stage. My brother Eric is gonna make it, which is super freaking awesome. I've had some friends tell me they are gonna make it too, so YAY!! Can't wait to tell you how it goes!

Stay beautiful, unique and inspired

--Erika Lee Kline lives in beautiful Pasadena, California. She is fitness minded & enjoys hiking, biking, paddleboarding and wall climbing. She is a fully embodied Empath, a human rights advocate, ballroom/Latin dancer, a student of human behavior and an MI Practitioner. She is a Pediatric Diabetes Nurse working in Los Angeles at a Children's Hospital. You can find her on Clubhouse, TikTok & Instagram.

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