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Inner Monologues: Think It, Feel It, Believe It!

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We often aren't conscious of the running commentary going on inside our heads, our self-talk. It truly has a huge influence on how we feel about who we are. I fully believe it also influences those around us as well.

When I've been at some of my lowest points I've thought about my friends that are so damn good at manifesting positivity & love by consistently tapping into their positive self-affirmation toolbox. The most recent low point, as many of you know, was this past 6 weeks of my life. So many of you spoke, emailed, & texted positivity into my soul and spirit. I believe it literally saved my life. In all seriousness, I was in a really dark & dismal place. I am doing much better now, and am figuring it all out. Things are getting better, daily. I am taking it day by day.

'Oh honey, don't worry about it. This will pass. Do not let it consume you.' 'We will keep you in our prayers always'. 'I'm sorry you're dealing with it, but your body will get used to it for sure.' One of my guy friends even said this to me 'This is something I do for anything I want to change. Very simple. And you can try it if you want. I just start telling myself things like:

-I am blessed. I have both arms and legs and I can walk

-I will overcome this

-This ringing will either go away or get to the point that I barely notice it

-I will not be beaten by this

-I will overcome it


All of these words of support were so inspiring to me. Actually words friends and family spoke or wrote to me. Since opening up about my situation that started at the beginning of October, I recently found out that so many are living with it as well. In fact, mostly men. And these men have shared with me some of the most profound encouraging kind words. Words that have inspired me and caused me to keep moving forward. I chose to place Peggy Anderson's book 'Great Quotes from Great Women' at the top of this blog entry, but I also wanted to really point out how the men in my life have helped me climb out of the mucky pit. Thank you to my Dad, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friends, and an Ex-Boyfriend for sharing your encouraging words. Also thank you to my girlfriends, cousins, Aunt, and Mom. They graciously shared their love and concern for me. They made sure to check on me often, and for this I'm so grateful. Here are quotes that have served me and I hope serve you. You'll find some quotes from me below too. Enjoy! Write some positive affirmations today on some sticky notes or directly on your bathroom mirror. You can use liquid chalk markers. Yes, I have a Love/Hate relationship with Amazon so I got mine there. But Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Blick and other art stores probably sell them too.

'You have to embrace getting older, life is precious and when you've lost a lot of people, you realize that each day is a gift.' --Meryl Streep

Last day I was fortunate to spend with my Grandma Arline Kline

'Don't look for big things, just do small things with great love.'

--Mother Teresa

'Today you have many important choices to make. You have the control of what you let inside your thoughts & your soul. Stay focused. Do not become distracted by entering into a cycle of anxiety, that only leads to self-doubt and worry. Choose to center yourself in thoughts that bring about enlightenment, strength, optimism and productivity. Manifest your Best Life. Repeat your positive affirmations, frequently. Repeat them daily. It will free you, it will save you.' --Erika Lee Kline

'What you can do in any situation no matter what the challenge is, you can always go to your state of being. And how do you go to your state of being? You stop. No matter what the challenge is, you stop. You take a few deep breaths. You smile everywhere in your body. You observe what is happening in your body, your mind, and then you proceed with loving-kindness and compassion. Stop. S, stop. T, take three deep breaths. O, observe. P, proceed with kindness and joy and love. That's the state of being. It's the highest form of human intelligence.' --Deepak Chopra

'Life takes us all on a magical adventure, one that we never predicted or planned to go such ways. Once we think we have it navigated, and it's taking a certain course: BOOM! Another path is blazed and a new adventure opens up for us. Though it wasn't what we envisioned, it's another way for Life to teach us, to guide us, to show us what we might have needed all along.'

--Erika Lee Kline

'Your spirit is the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose. That's one way someone can relate to that. Another way to understand spirit is that it's the part of you that is drawn to hope, that will not give in to despair. The part of you that has to believe in goodness; that has to believe in something more.' -- Caroline Myss

'Bring your intentions to the center of your focus. Be present. Be grateful. Mindfulness and Gratitude will save you in your darkest moments. A reminder of how far you've come. Of how strong your body and mind are. You aren't alone, in fact you've always been surrounded by LOVE. Whether it be a stranger, an acquaintance, a close friend or family; we all are here together to navigate through this brief yet abundant life.' --Erika Lee Kline

'Begin to notice what you have in your life that you are grateful for and when you look at life through the lens of gratitude, you don't see as many obstacles or hindrances. You see potential, you see possibilities. Then you become and open vehicle for more inspiration, more wisdom, more guidance, coming from the spiritual part of your being.'

--Michael Bernard Beckwith

I hope you have quotes and authors that guide you and speak to you. This past couple years has taught me that life on this earth is temporal and moves way too fast. We need positivity, strength and optimism more than ever before. We must love one another and consistently help each other navigate the world when the other person is at their low point. We may not realize how important their active listening and support is until you are at a point where you think there is no way out. You think to yourself, 'How can I live like this?' Then someone else may give you inspiration to actually believe this bad omen will bless you and others. That it will teach you so much more than you ever could have imagined. Thank you to everyone who pours into my life. I hope you know how much you mean to me. I am here for you, I LOVE YOU!

Stay beautiful, unique and inspired

--Erika Lee Kline lives in beautiful Pasadena, California. She is fitness minded & enjoys hiking, biking, paddleboarding and wall climbing. She is a fully embodied Empath, a human rights advocate, ballroom/Latin dancer, a student of human behavior and an MI Practitioner. She is a Pediatric Diabetes Nurse working in Los Angeles at a Children's Hospital. You can find her on Clubhouse, TikTok & Instagram.

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