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Clubhouse App: An InKlined Energy Transformation

Updated: Sep 9

When you're pushing an object up an inclined plane, it's gaining 'gravitational potential energy' as it's gaining its height. The 'kinetic' energy of the object decreases and converts into 'potential' energy as you go up. I thought this definition really captured the essence of the past 6 months of my incredible experience on 'Clubhouse'.

Stay with me, keep reading...Try to imagine the Kinetic energy as our nagging insecurities, persistent negative self-talk, & annoying self-doubt when we use our voice. It's constantly attempting to move us away from our dreams, our goals, our potential. Then think of the Potential energy as the increasing Self Confidence, Positive self-talk and Empowering Self-Assurance we experience each time we decide to verbalize our thoughts and perspectives. It about ALL of us, spending quality vocal time together, being courageous while experiencing our Incredible Potentials! That's what I love about the Social Audio App called 'Clubhouse'.

I know you’ve been holding your breath for my next Blog. Ha! The inconsistency with my blogging is actually a part of how the stars have aligned & set up a perfect time for me to expand and gather material and photos. It may seem like I’m slightly obsessed, which may be true, but I think you’ll understand as the story unfolds.

You’re might be wondering, ‘What is this Clubhouse sorcery that’s cast a spell on Erika Lee Kline?’ If you’ve paid any attention to my Instagram and my life over the past 6 months you’ve probably noticed posts that contain the #hashtag ‘Clubhouse’ or tagging of ‘Clubhouse’ on my IG story. To be 100% honest with you, this APP has created a pivot in my transformative journey. I would not have started my first blog entry on May 8th this year if Clubhouse wasn’t a part of my life.

I’ve grown in the confidence of my voice, had the courage to tell jokes in 'comedy rooms' with Veteran Comedians/Comediennes, played my Ukulele with the Ukulele club, participated in many discussions on Sexuality and Dating, enjoyed my morning coffee with the Coffee House, popped in Cryptocurrency/NFT rooms, snuggled into bed with the musicians in the Lullaby Club, & secretly snuck into the Los Angeles Connect room while at work sometimes. I’ve met many amazing humans I’ve connected with, some superficially and some deeply, from the Clubhouse app. On the app as well as off the app. I’ve been so honored to be in ‘rooms’ with Tiffany Haddish, Jeff Foxworthy, Maz Jobrani, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Carole Baskin, Snoop Dogg, Donnie Wahlberg, George Lopez, and even Jesus Christ!

Are you wondering still what Clubhouse is or what I’m talking about? Clubhouse is a place for real-time audio chatting. When you open the app you can see lots of different virtual rooms of people having all sorts of conversations. It’s a place to meet with friends & people ALL around the world. We tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn and have conversations on thousands of different topics all day and night. It’s available GLOBALLY. It used to be invitation-only but now it's open to everyone, without an invitation too. Join US! You won't regret it. Raise your Hand. Speak. Or just listen.

On April 3rd, 2021 I started to get the courage to venture out into the world again in what we thought might soon move towards the Post pandemic period. By that point it had been 6 weeks since getting my 2nd Pfizer Covid vaccine and I was soooooo ready to re-enter into a so-called social life. Have you heard of 'Meet-Up'? I've been a member since 2008. It's is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use the app to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones and pursue their passions. Here's my profile:

As you can see in my bio it's time to update my age, LMAO hello 40's. There was an event I attended with a Meet-Up group called ‘Thrive Outside’ on April 3rd. The event was ‘Let’s Hike to Switzer Falls’ When we got to the Switzer waterfall I connected with one of the ladies, Monya. She was really easy to talk to, and seemed to just enjoy the present space she was in. She was helping me pose for pictures too, which I'm not too good at!

Heading back from the waterfalls Monya and I decided to go have lunch at the base of the mountain at this really nice café. I discovered her primary job is practicing as an Internal Medicine Physician. I worked with Internal Medicine doctors for many years so it totally made sense that we bonded pretty quickly. I’m a Nurse in case you forgot . We kept in touch, but because of how far we live apart, we haven't met up since that day. We'll come back to Monya in a second.

Some of you know I had a minor surgery on April 9th, just 6 days after the Switzer Falls hike. On April 17th, while still recovering, I was nominated to be a member of the Clubhouse app by my friend Andy Nijjar.

Andy is a friend I’ve known for ~7 years. He’s always thought outside the traditional box, helped me believe in my 'potential'. He also recommended I read the book 'Ikigai', which was truly impactful. He told me he believed I would benefit from this App called Clubhouse. I had never heard of it before the text message invitation I received. Because of my surgery recovery I couldn’t exercise, couldn't lift anything more than 8 pounds and was sitting on my big booty way too much waiting for my belly button to heal. I clicked on Andy's link to Clubhouse and thought: I’m a social creature, I can just listen to people speak and check out some interesting rooms. I can create a Bio. I can add a profile photo. I can join some clubs. I can learn how to do this. I can raise my hand. I can speak. I can be a moderator. I can have my life changed. YES, okay let's goooooo! Well, guess who was one of the first voices I hear on Clubhouse in a Holistic Healthcare 'Room'?? Yep, Monya, the Physician. My Switzer Falls hiking buddy. Small World!

If you want some ideas on how to build your Clubhouse Bio here's mine.

I can’t wait to tell you more about my Clubhouse journey in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll stick around and ride along with me while I share how the humans I’ve met on and off the Clubhouse App have impacted and changed my life. Thanks for staying with me this far & I’ll see you next week. If anyone is a member of 'The Comedy Lounge Club' you're in my next blog! Get Ready!

Stay beautiful, unique and inspired

--Erika Lee Kline lives in beautiful Pasadena, California. She is fitness minded & enjoys hiking, biking, paddleboarding and wall climbing. She is a fully embodied Empath, a human rights advocate, ballroom/Latin dancer, a student of human behavior and an MI Practitioner. She is a Pediatric Diabetes Nurse working in Los Angeles at a Children's Hospital. You can find her on Clubhouse, TikTok & Instagram.

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